"free" music, at least in the spiritual sense

I just quickly wanted to mention some music blogs that I've been consulting lately:

Mutant Sounds and Allegory of Allergies.

Both of these blogs have tons of amazing, obscure stuff. The Allegory of Allergies guy seems especially to have similar taste as me.

I know it's problematic to download music without paying for it, but a lot of this stuff is from rare, out of print old records that I never would have heard of otherwise and which you probably couldn't buy even if you wanted to.

Another good one is Experimental, Etc., though that one has a lot of more recent releases too, so I feel a little guilty promoting them. As long as I'm here, I'll also plug Pyrolyse Bred, a blog of mainly 90's indie-poppy stuff, which I do have a soft spot for.

review art and the whole world reviews art with you

New art reviews! "The Galleries," in the "Reviews" section of Harp & Altar.

Also in all the previous issues, of course.


I've been a little disappointed with the art I've been seeing these past couple months, though there's been some great stuff. It's been said before, but being really into art is a lot like (what they say about) heroin addiction - you have some amazing experiences early on, and then go to tons of galleries and museums trying to get that same fix. Usually, you don't get there but (unlike heroin) if you keep looking, you do get to feel that amazingness again; and the cycle continues.