well, what did you expect from an opera? (truegrit) wrote,
well, what did you expect from an opera?

"free" music, at least in the spiritual sense

I just quickly wanted to mention some music blogs that I've been consulting lately:

Mutant Sounds and Allegory of Allergies.

Both of these blogs have tons of amazing, obscure stuff. The Allegory of Allergies guy seems especially to have similar taste as me.

I know it's problematic to download music without paying for it, but a lot of this stuff is from rare, out of print old records that I never would have heard of otherwise and which you probably couldn't buy even if you wanted to.

Another good one is Experimental, Etc., though that one has a lot of more recent releases too, so I feel a little guilty promoting them. As long as I'm here, I'll also plug Pyrolyse Bred, a blog of mainly 90's indie-poppy stuff, which I do have a soft spot for.
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